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Wellcome to the website of the multi-awarded
music composer and producer Edu Luke.


Music composed and produced by Edu Luke featured in campaigns for Motorola, Hyundai, Netflix, Unicef and Nike.


Music, SFX and Audio Production for:

Through my own multi-awarded company HEFTY, I composed and produced music for brand campaings around the globe such as Nike, Hyundai, Converse, Bank Of America, Puma, Mercedes Benz, Diesel, Gillette, Motorola, Deezer, Google and so on. Dozen of Lions (including 2 Grand Prix), Clios (including a Grand Clio) and pencils on our shelve. So yes, we know what we are doing. Check Hefty's work by clicking here.


My credits includes the main themes, original soundtracks and arrangments for MTV (Bumpers), Sony Channel (Entubados), Rede Globo (Aquele Beijo, O Astro, Malhação). Disney Channel (High School Musical BR). Record TV (Rebeldes, Os 10 Mandamentos, A Fazenda), SBT (American Idol BR) and many more.

Music produced by me are featured in movies such as Volume Morto (by Kaue Telolli),  Sexo com Amor? (by Wolf Maia), Transimigration (by Sheldon Schiffer), High School Music "O Desafio" (by Cesar Rodrigues) and the prized acclaimed Caroline Leone's short film Joyce.

As a new challenge, I'm really engaged and driven to put all my talent and expertise at the game industry's disposal. Talk to me about your project and let's do it! 


New York - USA

1 Gold featuring Edu Luke's Music for:

Nike Airmax Graiffiti Stores.

One Show

New York - USA

1 Pencil featuring Edu Luke's music for:

Unicef Unfairy Tales.

Cannes Lion

Cannes - France

14 Lion's (including 2 Grand Prix) featuring Edu Luke's music for:

Nike Airmax Graiffiti Stores.
Asics Foot Type Test.
Unicef Unfairy Tales.

Clio Awards

New York - USA

8 Clios (including a Grand Prix) featuring Edu Luke's Music for:

Nike Airmax Graiffiti Stores.
Unicef Unfairy Tales.


London - UK

2 Pencils featuring Edu Luke's Music for:

Unicef Unfairy Tales.


London - UK

5 Trophies (including 3 Golds)  featuring Edu Luke's Music for:

Nike Airmax Graiffiti Stores.
Unicef Unfairy Tales.


About ME:

Born in São Paulo, Brazil. Raised in a family of musicians, I had the privilege to be surrounded by musical instruments and deep artistic atmosphere since day one. Tired of hide his guitars from me, dad gave me my first one. For recreational reasons mom taught me vocal harmonizing, and grandma gave me notations lessons. At some point in my early life I tried to avoid my fate by join a basketball team. I even got some medals and a beautiful state champion trophy. But some time later I was kind of fired by the coach due to my hair that was getting too long.
As a protest, I joined a Metal Band.
The metal stuff was really fun (still is) but not enough. I started to flirt with jazz, then R&B, then classical, samba, cinematic, hip-hop… well, pretty much everything. So I buried my head into musical courses and joined many different bands and projects. Sound engineering and production was a natural consequence. And spent sometime in NYC scene was a peak on that process to set my mind into industry's standards. Then I recorded my own projects such as CosmoBamba and produced music for many Latin Grammy nominee artists, Cannes Lion's Gran Prix winner advertisement campaigns, Brazilian popular TV shows and cinema. So here I'm, a musical producer. Cat owner. Who loves to collect stamps in my passport and eat sushi.



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